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FKA twigs | Give Up

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Take a break from the fandoms and take a moment to read this:

Farah Baker, a 16 year old teen living in the Gaza Strip, has been tweeting and posting on social media sites of the various indiscriminant bombings being committed by Israeli forces, most recently very violent shelling near Al-Shifa hospital by her.

In her countless tweets and numerous posts on both Twitter and Instagram, she documents live strikes using photos and videos to show her followers the severity of the situation her and thousands like her are going through every day. @farah_gazan has gone viral, spiking from 21k to 76k followers on twitter in a span of 24 hours and climbing to 300+ in a matter of hours on Instagram.

Personally, I felt like I was reading something off the diary of Anne Frank. And who knows? Our children might be reading this and asking us why we didn’t stop her from dying just like we did to our grandparents.

The tweets are heartbreaking and the videos are breathtaking. She needs your support. Let her know you stand by her. Follow her on twitter and Instagram and maybe somehow you can change history.

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Poison - Bell Biv Devoe

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Years ago, I was terribly ill with a persistent case of bronchitis for months. I was utterly drained of energy and had completely lost my appetite. Not eating virtually anything at all but an occasional bowl of plain rice resulted in my losing weight. (And facilitated a cycle of having no energy. I was probably eating less than 500 calories a day for about a month.) My doctor was thrilled that I’d lost weight. But was less excited about my dangerously low iron levels. I was instructed to get those iron levels back up, but “try to do it without gaining any of the weight back.”

That isn’t healthcare.

Healthcare, for fat people, starts with believing truly that taking care of ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean weight loss. That our bodies are worth taking care of even if they’re fat and stay fat.
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3 people stealing the same bike [video]


entirely fed up with this world 


Racism right here.

White people steal, and it’s BRUSHED OFF AND OTHER PEOPLE HELP

Black person? MOB of people come to attack him.

*lies down*

but it’s all in our heads though

This shit is infuriating

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me watching someone not drinking their drink when i’m really thirsty


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Bill Hicks

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why THE FUCK is no one talking about this

why isnt this on the news

we all know the reason why. stop the bullshit.

And this shit happened on May 18…MAY 8-FUCKING-TEENTH!


I read the article and this honestly makes me so fucking angry. I encourage all my followers to reblog the shit out of this. Share it on your Facebook and Twitter, too.

Smh. There are really people out there that do not have souls. They like this stuff and have no mercy. God we need help.

Smh man

To the person who said it happened in May 18th (I assume you meant this year)….  ”But nearly two years after Rainey’s death on June 23, 2012" this was TWO YEARS AGO. And apparently they haven’t even done an autopsy on him yet, that is some sick shit.

Why is this my first time hearing about it?